• JBM Wood Chipper

JBM. Simply powerful chipping …

““500 operating hours a year. For that, we need a robust wood chipper. For this reason, we decided for a JBM.

The engine is awesome! It produces unlimited torques. We can access the machine easily for maintenance. The large hopper makes feeding material really easy – even of large material quantities. And that the hopper can be rotated – even better. Optimum material feed is ensured at all times.

The aggressive intake is ingenuous, the material is simply drawn in. This really helps enormously.

No vulnerable, selective electronics during intake. A simple mechanical bar. And transport is easy thanks to the hinged hopper.

The JBM on purpose does not save weight on the expense of quality. The machine is designed amazingly simple and robust. And if something does not work, we can use our standard tools.

This is how we like to work. Everything is simple and sound – and tremendously effective”.